Discover The Easy, Affordable Payment Alternative For People Who Want To Buy But Can’t Or Choose Not To Pay With Cash Or Credit Card


Fact: Offering More Payment Options To Consumers Lead To More Sales And Higher Average Sales Amounts!

How would you like to offer in-house payment plan/financing options to your customers regardless of credit score?

With Dependable Business Capital, you get paid in as little as 24 hours with ABSOLUTELY No Risk, No Reserve, and No Financial Recourse to you!


  • Discover the power of SELLING PAYMENTS OVER PRICE
  • Multi-lender platforms designed specifically for your business
  • Promote that you have financing for All Credit Situations – High Approval Rates
  • Credit Scores as low as 500
  • Give your customers What They Want Today– no layaway program
  • Easy online applications with instant decisions (no terminal or equipment to buy)
  • Approve customers you would Otherwise Turn Away because of payment and credit issues
  • Financing from a few hundred dollars up to $50,000
  • Get a leg up on the competition
  • No long term contracts or cancellation fee. Cancel at any time

Suitable Business Categories

We can help businesses of all types, sizes, age and sales method. Our customer financing platforms are customized to your needs. We work with over twenty lenders that are anxious to offer financing to the type of business and customers they focus on. It is our job to match you up with the right ones.

Some of the industries we focus on are:

  • Auto Repair Financing – Auto Repair Consumer Financing, including Tires & Rims, Transmissions, Parts, Body Work, Electrical and General Repair
  • Patient Financing – Patient Consumer Financing, including Dental, Orthodontics, Gastric Bypass, Cancer Treatments, Cosmetic, Elective, Vision Correction, Audiology, Drug & Alcohol Rehab, Stem Cell Treatment, Dermatology, Hair Restoration& Removal, Veterinary, Co-Pay Gaps, In Vitro Fertilization, Adoption, Funerals, and more
  • Home Repair and Improvement Financing – Home Services Customer Financing, including HVAC, Construction, Water Purification, Solar, Electrical, Awnings & Enclosures, Floors, Home Mobility, and More
  • Retail Financing – Retail Consumer Financing including Furniture, Electronics, Appliances, Jewelry, Power Sports, Power Equipment, Mattresses, Musical Instruments, Sports Equipment, Pool Tables, Fitness Equipment, Web Based Sales, Much More
  • Vocational and Trade School Financing – Education Customer Financing including Secondary/Trade Schools, Vocational Schools, Camps, More
  • Attorney Retainer and Legal Fee Financing – Attorney Retainer & Fee Financing
Short-Term & Flexible Commercial Loans 2

Don't Waste Any more Time

Did you know that seventy percent of consumers who utilize financing say they would not have made the sale if not for customer financing?

Are you missing out on these important prospective customers who are ending up at your larger competitors or simply, staying out of the market?

If you are fortunate enough to be a desirable business for traditional lenders, you can start reaching out to them and start applying for their program.

Or, you can enroll in our customer financing platform consisting of up to ten lenders and have your own in-house financing solution in 24 to 48 hours.

Our lenders cover the gambit of consumers. For those with excellent credit expecting low, single digit interest rates, to those with sub-prime credit and not desirable for most lenders. While no financing program will approve everyone, we give your prospective customer the best chance they will ever get to become your customer.

It Takes 5 Minute To Get Pre-Approved!


The process is easy.

  1. Complete our simple on-line merchant application and submit a business check and some proof of business.
  2. We will build your customized loan application landing page and unique application url
  3. You will receive our welcome email and get access to our client resource center
  4. Participate in our quick orientation training
  5. You can start submitting applications through the platform

We can typically have you up and running within a couple of business days.

Applications are submitted to multiple lenders and decisions are rendered within seconds.

Our customer financing solution is a leader in the industry. We want to make this solution as comprehensive and simple for you as possible.

Here’s our promise to you. Since our success is tied to your success, we will never be satisfied until you are getting the results you expect.

Together, we make a team.

Complete the form on the right and explore your customer financing possibilities. Let Dependable Business Capital help you grow your business starting today.